GOF convened Ocean Planning Meeting for UNFCCC COP26 Glasgow, 26 February 2021

This meeting was organized by the Global Ocean Forum and partners within the framework of the Roadmap to Ocean and Climate Action (ROCA) Initiative, which is a multi-stakeholder initiative involving governments, international agencies, NGOs, scientific institutions, private sector, and subnational authorities to advance the oceans and climate agenda (especially in the UNFCCC, the UN Ocean Conference, and in other United Nations fora), and at the national level in all countries. The meeting aimed to foster the exchange of information on plans and perspectives on the way forward in advancing the ocean agenda at COP26 as well as the sharing of ideas on how to coordinate participating organizations’ initiatives for better synergy and integration of efforts. Over 40 participants representing 24 organizations participated in the meeting.

COP26 Ocean Planning Meeting Report

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