Integrated Ocean and Coastal Management

Towards the Development of the Next Phase of Integrated Coastal Zone Management in India: Application of Lessons Learned from an International Review of Implementation of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM). White Paper (Vol 1), Global Ocean Forum (2019)

Review of International Experiences in Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) and Relevance to India Emphasis on Federal/State/Local Interactions. White Paper (Vol 2), Global Ocean Forum (2019)

Policy Brief on Improving Governance (2010)

Policy Brief on Achieving EBM and ICM by 2010 and Progress Indicators (2008)

Policy Brief on Freshwater and Oceans (2008)

Policy Brief on Compliance and Enforcement (2008)

Policy Brief on Large Marine Ecosystems (2008)

Policy Brief on Maritime Transportation (2008)

Global Ocean Forum Work on Linking the Management of Freshwater and Oceans at the 5th World Water Forum

Roundtable Discussion at the 5th World Water Forum: Meeting Human and Environmental Needs through Linking Integrated Management of Freshwater Basins with Downstream Coastal Areas and their Ecosystems

GOF Presentation

GOF Discussion Statement

Session Outcome

Session Summary Report

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