Oceans Action Days at UNFCCC

C. Turley and S. Chavanich
Dr. Carol Turley, Senior NERC Fellow, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, and Dr. Suchana Chavanich, Assistant Professor, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, panelists on Science and the Ocean during the Oceans Action Day at the UNFCCC COP 23, Bonn, Germany

The Global Ocean Forum, together with partners from governments, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, has been organizing Oceans Days at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of the Parties since 2009 to advance the oceans and climate change agenda at the UNFCCC.

In a strategic move, the GOF led the development of a Roadmap to Oceans and Climate Action (ROCA) which is a multi-stakeholder initiative involving governments, international agencies, NGOs, scientific institutions, private sector, and subnational authorities to advance the oceans and climate agenda (especially in the UNFCCC, the UN Ocean Conference, and in other United Nations fora), and at the national level in all countries.

For information about the Oceans Days at the UNFCCC COPs and about ROCA, please go to the ROCA website.

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